Birch Finance

The average US consumer can earn up to $700 worth of rewards each year, just by using a reward-earning credit card and paying off the balance each month. Unfortunately, banks and loyalty programs don’t make it easy to narrow down which cards might be best for you and often mislead consumers with excessive fine print and over zealous marketing language. Birch finds the facts and analyzes your transaction history to find the best reward-earning cards on the market for your personal spending habits, taking the guesswork out of applying for credit cards.

In addition to finding new cards to apply for, Birch also helps maximize the rewards you can earn with your current wallet by pointing out where you could have used a better card on specific transaction, finding recurring subscriptions that could be put on a credit card, and allowing you to search preemptively to see which card to use on upcoming purchases.

Birch was acquired by Even Financial in 2018

2016 - 2018

Branding / Identity, Product Design


Head of Design

As the sole designer for Birch, I was responsible for the Birch branding, marketing materials, and all UX/UI for the product on all platforms (Web, iOS, and Android).



Web & Native Apps

Designed web and native app UX and UI using Sketch, including prototypes created with InVision.

I was able to contribute for much of the front-end HTML and CSS for the web application and static pages, along with various font-end improvements to existing code for both the iOS & Android apps.

I also supported the team with product management, assisting in the prioritization of projects and overseeing task management in YouTrack.

Our latest feature, the Wallet Recommendation tool, simulates users’ spending against all combinations of over 100 reward-earning credit cards to find the best earning set of cards for each person’s spending. Users can interact with a complex set of preferences to customize their results, and see full details of each card recommended.

Search Engine Optimization

In an effort to boost traffic, and knowing we had limited capital for marketing, I initiated the production of over 4,000 static informational pages to increase Birch’s search engine visibility and organic search traffic. Each page was based on a set of templates and leveraged the existing Birch credit card database, previously only available to logged-in users.

The pages increased organic traffic 10% week over week, contributing to over 80% of total traffic after 9 months.

Marketing Assets