Even Financial

Even is a double-sided network for financial products. Partnering with supply channel partners and top-tier financial institutions, Even leverages machine learning to provide consumers with personalized recommendations for financial products based on their needs.

While they are an API-first company, Even offers hosted and embeddable consumer experiences allowing supply channel partners to provide their user base with personalized financial product recommendations with just a URL or 2 lines of code.

Even also supports a SaaS platform providing visibility and control for their team and external partners to manage their accounts.


Lead Product Designer + Growth Product Manager

Led the user experience design for Even’s consumer products and SaaS platform. Also led a cross-functional consumer Growth team focusing on funnel optimization across all consumer properties.

2018 - present

UX, UI, User Research

Consumer Experiences

I was initially responsible for the UI re-design of their consumer facing experience for personal loans. I worked closely with the product manager and engineers to develop an improved product and established a new design system that could scale as Even expanded their offerings.

Once the personal loans experience was launched, I went on to design parallel experiences for savings, credit cards, and life insurance. Each experience had a distinct user base, partner base, and user journey but leveraged the same design system and lived within the same code base.

I also designed the initial website for Even’s consumer-facing sandbox, Fiona.

Design System

To maintain consistency across the ever growing family of financial product recommendation experiences, the MPS design system had to scale across multiple product verticals. It was designed for mobile first, and improved over time as we learned more about user’s interactions.

It also had to be theme-able, allowing partners to white-label our product for seamless integration within their experience. The system supports a fully configurable color palette, font system, and border styling that can be customized based on each partner’s brand guidelines.

Funnel Optimization

I also led a team of engineers focused on optimizing the personal loans user experience, leveraging both qualitative and quantitative user testing to determine specific parts of the funnel that could be improved. Over the course of six months, I was able to increase conversion rates throughout the funnel with various changes by 20%, ultimately increasing revenue for the company by over $300k per month.

SaaS Platform

In addition to working on Even’s consumer facing products, I was also the design lead for Even’s SaaS platform, built for both their existing partners and internal team to control their accounts and view reporting. For this project, I worked with the product manger and engineers to establish an objective-based roadmap with internal and external stakeholders, hosted stakeholder workshops to aide in feature prioritization, and developed the underlying design system and org structure for the product that is still being used today.

Improving Complex Workflows

The Even partner portal was an opportunity for us to help improve workflows for the partner management team and increase their efficiency. I worked closely with team to discover pain points and design the most optimal user experience possible.

Through this product, we increased businesses efficiency by nearly 50% in some areas and consolidated workflows that previously existed across fragmented systems. This decreased onboarding time for new team members significantly.

We also leveraged the portal to provide our partnerships with better visibility into their accounts. This was an important factor in winning deals against our competitors.