143 million Americans participate in outdoor activities every year, spending $646 billion. Sportody connects users to information, tips and review about outdoor activities all over the world. Users can search by location or activity to find information and reviews on over 80,000 providers in over 100 countries. Sportody supports profiles for over 120 different outdoor sports, from hiking and diving to hunting and golf.

Outdoor sports providers can list and manage their profile, add photos and videos, respond to reviews, and promote their business through an outdoor sports focused platform.


Creative Director

As the sole designer for Sportody, I was responsible for the company’s branding and identity, all marketing materials, corporate branding materials, and the UX and UI design for the product on all platforms (Web, iOS, and Android).

2013 - 2016

Branding / Identity, Product Design

Sportody is no longer in operation or supported in the app stores. The web app still exists, but is not maintained and may be missing functionality.

Branding & Identity

Developed the company branding based on rough sketches provided that included a shield and outdoor related iconography. Shortened to Sportody from “Sporting Odyssey”, the app promotes adventure and security by providing accurate information and first-hand reviews. Each element represents the various terrains that users can experience through the 120 different outdoor activities supported by the app.

Also designed 16 sport icons for each parent sport type Sportody supports. Due to time and resource constraints, icons were created by customizing found vectors and pairing with the logo shield.

Web & Native Apps

Designed web and native apps for iOS and Android using Adobe Illustrator, including prototypes created with InVision. App supported features for users to search by city or outdoor activity, write reviews including photo upload, add locations to their bucket list, share, and read blog content. Also supported features for outdoor activity providers to claim or list their business, edit their profile, view and respond to reviews, and post events.

Promotional Video

Produced this explainer video using Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Audition. I wrote the script, created visuals (using both purchased vectors and custom elements), and recorded the voiceover in-house using the voice talents of two of our summer interns. The video was used in paid YouTube ads and other marketing efforts to explain the app to new users.